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All helpposiivous-cleaning services are provided by our trusted company partner, When purchasing cleaning services from Helpposiivous, the actual patronage forms between and the customer. will be handling all the customer data. hence, you will find privacy policy below. 


Published 8/11/2017 Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how we use and protect any information about you that you give to us through your use of the service (hereafter “Service”). The Service is owned and operated by Moppicom Oy Company information about Moppicom Oy is set out at the end of this policy. It relates to our use of your personal data (meaning information which relates to you and identifies you personally and referred to as ‘Personal Data’ in this privacy policy) and does not relate to any anonymous data generated by your use of the Service but which does not identify you personally. In this policy the terms ‘Personal Data’ and ‘information about you’ mean the same data and are used interchangeably. It is our policy and intention to comply at all times with applicable data privacy laws and to respect your privacy. However, this policy is designed to determine the scope of collection and use of your Personal Data in order to permit us to provide with an efficient and useful service.

We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. It would be a good idea to check it from time to time so that you are aware of any changes and that they are acceptable to you. This policy covers the following topics and you may head straight to a relevant section by clicking on the header:

What information do we collect about you?

What do we do with your information?

How do we collect your information?

Who do we disclose your information to?

Direct marketing and your preferences

What do we do to keep your information secure?

Amending or receiving copies of the personal data we have collected

Processing of electronic communications related identification data




What information do we collect about you?

We collect relevant information from and about you in order to deliver the Service as efficiently to you as possible. We can only provide you with our Service if we have certain information about you.

The information that we collect may include:

• your name and contact information, including email addresses (private or corporate), company information(name, country and location of the company,), and telephone number(s); and

We will not collect sensitive personal data from you that include information about your race, political opinions, religious and other beliefs or sexual orientation.


What do we do with your information?

We may use information about you for any of the following purposes:

  • to register you on our Service and to deliver and maintain our Service;
  • to enable us to monitor, review and improve the Service;
  • for our internal records regarding the use of the Service;
  • for marketing purposes;
  • so that we can fulfil our obligations under our agreement with you relating to the Service and to support you in your use of the Service


How do we collect your information?

We collect your personal information using various methods including:

  • when you submit it through the Service by whatever means including via your mobile device or via the website; and
  • when you telephone us, send an SMS, e-mail us or correspond with us by means other than through the Service.

Information that we collect about you through the Service may be combined with information that you provide to us via other means, or that is provided to us by third parties. Such information may be stored together in a combined database or in separate databases.

We will only retain information about you for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was intended and not for any longer, or for as long as may be required under any contract or by law.

We will not collect an excessive amount of information from you nor information that is not relevant to the purposes for which it was collected.


Who do we disclose your information to?

We will only disclose your Personal Data to third parties as follows:

  • to our professional advisers;
  • where we consider disclosure of your information to other businesses, financial organisations or law enforcement agencies to be necessary or desirable with a view to the prevention or detection of fraud or a criminal act;
  • where such disclosure is necessary to enable any of our staff, employees, agents, contractors, suppliers or commercial partners to provide a service to us or to perform a function on our behalf and which is necessary for the provision of the Service;
  • to a purchaser or potential purchaser of our business;
  • where it is necessary in order to pursue our legitimate interests; or
  • if we are required to or are permitted to make such disclosure by law.

Where we disclose your Personal Data to a carefully selected third party or to any third party on the above list, we will take steps (such as imposing contractual obligations on such third party) to ensure that such third party:

  • does not use your Personal Data for any purpose other than purposes that we specify and in accordance with the purposes outlined in this policy; and
  • has appropriate security provisions in place in order to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing of your Personal Data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your Personal Data;

We will not disclose your Personal Data to further third parties under any circumstances unless required by law or without first obtaining your consent.

We will not disclose your Personal Data to a third party outside the European Economic Area unless we have taken steps to ensure that your Personal Data will be afforded the same level of protection as that required from us by data protection law.

We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that our staff and employees who have been specifically granted access to information about you have received adequate training to ensure that they process that information only in accordance with this policy and with our obligations under data protection law. We may take disciplinary action against our staff and employees in the event of non-compliance, should we consider this to be appropriate.


Direct marketing and your preferences

1. Direct marketing

We may use information about you which we hold in order to provide you with information about products, promotions, special offers and other information which relates to our products or services or which we believe may be of interest to you.

We may send you such information by:

  • email;
  • telephone (including automated calls which means a call which delivers a pre-recorded message with marketing content to your telephone);
  • SMS text message and/or any other form of electronic messages (including MMS, picture messages, video messages; instant messages and next generation messages);
  • post;
  • fax; or
  • any other method which becomes relevant from time to time.


2. Your direct marketing preferences

We will only use information that we collect from you for direct marketing purposes where you have given us your consent to do so. When you provide us with information about yourself, you will be given the option to let us know that you do not want that information to be used for direct marketing purposes whether by ourselves or by any third party (including our commercial partners). We will only use that information for the purpose of direct marketing in accordance with your preferences or where we are otherwise permitted to do so by law. Where your consent is required, you will usually be asked to tick an “opt-in” box in the Service where we ask for information about you, however, we may also ask for your consent by other means. The “opt-in” box may or may not be split between different classes of information or different means of marketing.

By ‘preferences’ we mean whether or not you have “opted in” and as such whether we can or cannot send direct marketing to you.

You can change your mind about your preferences (as defined above) in respect of direct marketing by contacting our Data Privacy Officer at You can do this at any time. In addition, if you receive direct marketing from us by email you will be reminded in the email that you are able to request a change to your preferences. If you do change your mind about your preferences, we would not remove your Personal Data from our data base(s), unless you explicitly require us to do so, but we would note your changed preferences as soon as reasonably possible.


What do we do to keep your information secure?

It is our intention that your information will be kept secure and we have taken and will take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access, use, alteration, destruction or disclosure of your Personal Data- We protect the security of your information by:

  • using encryption where appropriate;
  • using password protection where appropriate; and
  • limiting access to your information.

You can assist us in maintaining the security of your Personal Data by keeping your password and login names/codes secure and sufficiently personal to you without being obvious. We recommend that you change such passwords/codes on a regular basis. If you are suspicious that you have been asked to reveal your login passwords/codes by someone claiming to be from, please contact us on the contact details set out below.


Amending or receiving copies of the personal data we have collected.

Should you wish to review the Personal Data being held by us about you, you have the right to request details. Please send such request in writing to our Data Privacy Officer at and we will comply with your request promptly.

Please help us to ensure that the information about you that we hold is accurate and up to date. If you think that any information we have about you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to our Data Privacy Officer in

the manner set out above. We will correct or update any information about you as soon as reasonably possible.


Processing of electronic communications related identification data

In electronic communications or services, data is created which for example identifies the devices used by the parties or when the communication is started or ended, the data transfer protocol used, or any other similar data processed in the network while transferring, distributing or offering messages and such data can be linked to a particular person (“identification information”).

We process identification information in order to operate communication services and to protect the data connected to the services provided.

If necessary, we process identification information in order to detect, prevent or bring into preliminary investigation cases of misuse of the Service. We process identification information in order to detect technical errors in electronic communications used for the provision of the Service. We also process identification information for the purpose of technical development of the Service.

In all cases we will process the identification information only to the extent necessary for performing the relevant services and we take all necessary actions in order to protect identification information.



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